The Pilot Sport A/S is an Ultra High Performance All-Season tire member of the Michelin' Pilot family of low profile, high-speed tires. The Pilot Sport A/S was developed for the drivers of sports cars, coupes and sedans who desire year round traction, including in light snow. The Pilot Sport A/S is designed to minimize dry and wet driving compromises while maximizing all-weather traction. On the outside, the Pilot Sport A/S features three different tread compounds applied side-by-side using the precise capabilities of Michelin's innovative "C3M" tire manufacturing process. The tread compound in both shoulders improves dry handling, while the compound used between the shoulders and center rib balances dry, wet, snow and cold weather traction. The compound used in the center rib boosts wet traction. These three tread compounds are molded into a directional tread design with a continuous circumferential center rib flanked by high angle directional tread blocks. The continuous center rib sharpens steering response and provides communicative road feel while reducing tire noise on dry roads. The high angle lateral tread blocks enhance responsiveness and handling while the tire's circumferential and high angle lateral grooves efficiently evacuate water to resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction. On the inside, two high-tensile, lightweight steel cord belts are reinforced with Michelin's "Filament At Zero" (FAZ) technology under the tread area. Michelin's FAZ spirally wraps an individual strand of KEVLAR across the entire tread area under the steel belts, and again above the steel belt's edges to enhance wear and ride comfort while providing high speed durability and predictable handling.

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